Digital currency is the rage. Yet, there is a lot of confusion about how to invest and where to invest. That is why Blockchain Academic is here to shed light on blockchains, bitcoin, ethereum, and cryptocurrencies, and any digital currency. There is proof that blockchain technology is currently one of the most robust influences that form information security landscapes and engineering. And, this is just the start! 

In addition to that, looking for the correct cryptocurrencies for investing in is a difficult undertaking. That especially goes for you attempting to back undervalued projects that you have faith in a gamble to take. When you evaluate and try to look for the best cryptocurrency exchange is not an easy task. In addition to that, you can fall prey to many of the scams out there, which means you must be extra cautious.

Blockchain Academic includes the research that the cryptocurrency and computer experts contribute to various blockchains, implementations, and protocols. You will find that the experts will share the advantages and disadvantages of each commonly used platforms currently used. If you know nothing about cryptocurrencies and digital assets, there is a section for you to learn more about them. You will also learn more by reading the blockchain guides on the site, and you will also find plenty of information on cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and so much more. 


Intro to Digital Assets & Cryptocurrencies

If you are brand new to the digital currency world, this is the section for you. You will find out what you need to know about blockchains, bitcoin,  ethereum, cryptocurrencies, and all digital assets in this category. If you do not see the difference between the various digital assets, this is the section for you to learn what you can about them. Here is the area where you can read up on the different platforms, and the pros and cons of each explained by the digital currency experts contributing content to Blockchain Academic. 

Blockchain Guides

The blockchain guides are the area where you will learn about tips and tricks when it comes to digital assets and the recommended investments to make. You will also read up on the common trends to expect in the blockchain world and what can influence the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Information on future blockchain and digital asset conventions are also in this section if you would like to attend any. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Whether you are a novice or experienced in digital assets and digital trading, this section is right for you to learn more about it. There are plenty of tips and information on buying and selling digital assets, and there are methods to purchase cryptocurrencies without revealing your identity. You can find out about the different cryptocurrency exchanges that provide users with sets of charts, security features, and trading tools, and more. 

Cryptocurrency Wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that maintains and keeps public and private keys. It also interacts with the different blockchain so users can both send and receive any digital asset. They can also keep tabs on their balances. Cryptocurrency wallets are an essential part of digital assets, and in this section, you will learn about how they work, the different ones available, and their pros and cons. 


The section for guides relevant to digital assets is here, and you will find information on various blockchain jobs. You will also see where the ideal cities are if you want to look for a career in digital currencies in any area of the world. You will also learn more about blockchain talent acquisition and why to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments – and so much more. 

Who We Are

The contributors to Blockchain Academic are two computer scientists, one of them being the founder and chief editor of the site. The other contributors are an information security expert and a financial technology expert. Each of the experts dedicates themselves to provide you the information you need on digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

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Blockchain Guides

This section covers a myriad of blockchain technologies and protocols. There are over 100+ different types of proprietary blockchains on the market today, it is quite confusing and sometimes overwhelming to browse through the technology stacks. We hope you find these guides helpful!

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

There are well over 50 major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, this is a great time to narrow down your options to just a few prominent, reliable exchanges to use. The entire industry is still in its infancy in many ways, and there are only a handful of regulated and compliant cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Cryptocurrency Guides and Wallets

Our research shows that there are 6,000 different cryptocurrencies, out of which, around 40% are active and have an application which is considered live. This section is fully dedicated towards the exploration and discovery of the top performing cryptocurrencies on the market, not just with regards to prices, but with regards to application development and overall product development progress. Also, we include some in-depth reviews of cryptocurrency accessories, including hard wallets and soft wallets.

Cryptocurrencies and Accessories
Finding the right cryptocurrencies to invest in is a cumbersome and tricky task, particularly when you are trying to back projects you believe in and are convinced are undervalued. Evaluating and choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange is even more complicated as there are endless scams in the space and you need to be extra vigilant.

Blockchains and Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Blockchain technology has proven to be one of the most powerful forces shaping the engineering and information security landscapes today, and this is just the beginning! This section includes research we have completed on different types of blockchains, blockchain protocols, blockchain implementations, and we do our best to highlight the pros and cons of each of the major platforms being used today.