About Us

Welcome to Blockchain Academic, a resource created by an enthusiastic computer scientist to provide elite information relevant to blockchains, digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and more. Blockchain Academic delivers the necessary information for digital currency and blockchain professionals, investors, enthusiasts, traders, and novices who are getting their feet wet in the digital currency world. 

Other contributors to Blockchain Academic are another computer scientist, an information security expert, and a financial technology expert. They help make the site powerful and provide useful information on everything to do with cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, bitcoin,  ethereum, blockchains, and more. The experts also provide unbiased and objective reviews on digital currency products too. They also offer you tips and tricks for selling, buying, and digital trading currencies, and more. 

Computer Scientist, Founder, Chief Editor

Anuj Patel

Anuj Patel was born in Manhatten, New York, and had always been the one to fix technological problems. He had a knack for computers and money and excelled in mathematics and sciences in high school. Anuj knew how to resolve complex computer problems and knew this was the field for him. He attended New York University and ended up attaining his Master’s degree in Computer Science. During his stay in university, Anuj introduced bitcoin and ethereum, blockchains, and other digital assets. 

He began to explore them further, and learned how to invest, trade, buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrencies. Anuj attended many of the conventions about bitcoin and digital assets in different areas around the world. With his knowledge in digital assets and computer sciences, Anuj founded Blockchain Academic because of wanting to teach others the value of cryptocurrencies since they are the future currency. He is the chief editor and provides helpful information on bitcoin, ethereum, and all digital assets with three other contributors. 

Aside from that, Anuj works as a computer scientist at a financial institution in New York City, with having past experiences with IBM and Microsoft. He is married with two sons, and his interests include various spots with his boys when he is not working. 

Computer Scientist

Tony Leung

Tony Leung was born in Singapore to a stay at home mother and a father who is a computer scientist. Since Tony was a child, his father taught him about computer sciences, and he grasped it quite well. Tony showed strengths in science and mathematics, attended the National University of Singapore, and took the Computer Science program. After graduation, Tony worked as a computer scientist in many medical labs. During that time, he became involved in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. His experience with blockchain technology and digital currencies strengthened, and he is now an expert. 

Tony currently works as a computer scientist at a local investment firm. He is also a knowledgeable and worthwhile contributor to Blockchain Academic. Tony is married with a daughter and plays the piano during his spare time since he enjoys music.  

Information Security Expert

Keith Davis

Keith Davis was born in Liverpool, England, and always showed an interest in computers. When he was a teenager, he found a way to hack into computers to get the necessary information. Even though he realized what he did was not ethical, he found a skill required for the future. Keith realized that anyone’s information online is vulnerable, and he wanted to be part of the solution for keeping it safe. Keith attended the University of London to take the Information Security program. During that time of studying, Keith took an interest in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. He quickly became an expert in selling, investing, buying, and trading the various digital assets and currencies. He knows how to keep those currencies safe based on his field of expertise. Keith contributes helpful and elite content to Blockchain Academic. 

Keith is an information security expert and worked at many financial institutions in London, and is currently doing that now. He is married with two kids and a Cocker Spaniel and enjoys cooking and playing poker. 

Financial Technology Expert

Richard Hadley

Richard Hadley was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and had a knack for money and technology. He found ways to merge them, and with his strength in mathematics, Richard wanted to go into the financial field when he was in high school. After high school, Richard attended Boston University, took the Mathematical Finance & Financial Technology Program, and attained his Master’s Degree. 

Richard became highly knowledgeable in blockchain technology and digital assets. By knowing that cryptocurrencies are the future, he is an expert when it comes to cryptocurrency investments. Richard contributes to Blockchain Academic by sharing critical advice and works as a financial technology expert and consultant at a Boston financial institution. When he is not working, he spends time with his wife and kids and enjoys traveling with them.